The MS Surface Pro has much better battery life especially compared to prior models. The Companion case also has a separate pocket that holds extra pen nibs and a slot for papers or any extra stuff. Everything you need to know Likewise for devices that already support AES — you can see the list of tested and compatible PCs — I think the Bamboo Ink is a smart purchase if you use the pen and Windows Ink often. Making it the better device for those how want to draw in a quiet environment. But you can find those stats anywhere.

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I love my surface but Wacom surface pro must say this, Microsoft does not support remapping the pen keys out of the box, there’s software that can work around this I believe, if you are used to undo and erase as a button.

There’s more that I will add once I do more research but the first one that stuck out peo the Wacom battery life is not that great.

Both devices come very close here when it comes to this aspect surfce the comparison. My drawing program of choice is Photoshop. Add a mouse and Illustrator, and you can get all kinds of design work done. I don’t have the new Surface Pen, expected this summer, to review or compare to Bamboo Ink, unfortunately.

Photoshop maps the second button to a brush selection menu, but really something like the Eyedropper colour picker tool would be more useful. Which wacom surface pro it the winner of this round.

This is exactly the sort of thing I purchased the Surface to do. I have saved up surcace to by either of wacom surface pro highest spec’d models.

Purely on the art side For those who have used an earlier model, the key changes to wacom surface pro here, as well as the bumped specs, are as follows: From everything I can gather, it sounds like the drawing experiences are pretty similar. Basically wacom surface pro, you could get a rough comparison by reading a review for each of the two, and by looking at the detailed specifications of each of them.

Not to forget that all these buttons are application-specific, which mean you can have different functionality set for each program you use. Which makes it the overall winner of this Comparison, I am not saying that the Surface is a bad choice for artists or anything, as the real choice depends on your actual needs and the software you are using.

In wacom surface pro you are cost-conscious, then the Surface Pro 4 is a much better choice, wacom surface pro the few cons I mentioned about drawing with it. I know that the Wacom pen has more pressure sensitivity, but then I thought that the Surface Pro might be worth considering since it’s built by Microsoft and I figured that since they’re the ones who made Windows they know how to integrate a stylus into their devices better than a third party company.

Thanks again Monia for putting in the time and effort for the research, it was much appreciated. The built-in stand wacom surface pro great.

Both are good at what they do, but if you want to become comfortable drawing at the computer, the best way to do that is by drawing at the computer, not wacom surface pro on a tablet computer like the Surface. So which device would you guys wacom surface pro Double clicking the top of the pen captures a screenshot!

Wacom Bamboo Ink is an excellent alternative to the Surface Pen | Windows Central

Wacom’s new standard is referred to as Active ES, and it is why people always ask which pens work with what devices. Still have a question? Slightly better than current Surface Pen. wacom surface pro

Who should wacom surface pro it? Bambo Ink review conclusion: However, you cannot customize the force-curve like you can with the Surface Pen due wacom surface pro the lack of proper software. Blocked Unblock Follow Get updates. Surface and Wacom AES users now have more choices and can jump quickly between devices without thinking about the technology.

That framework means it can surfce shift between Microsoft Surface devices and Wacom Active ES electrostatic ones, giving artists and pros more choices.

8 ways the Surface Pro 4 makes artists miserable

And wacom surface pro the SP you’ll get much more portability at a lower price with the option to expand with more accessories. It was an honest review from an artist! The Surface and the Wacom devices wacom surface pro still excellent products, I surfacr feel like the iPad Pro is a little better for serious artists who aren’t yet ready to buy a 27″ device.