Hey man, despite it breaking, how did you get the freaking thing to work in the first place!? HowardForums is a discussion board dedicated to mobile phones with over 1,, members and growing! Also, where do you get your CA? Like it is not connected I’ve noticed that I need to connect the cable to the phone first and then to the computer. It is also very clumsy with the driver.

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Right-click on prolific dku-5 icon and click ‘Enable On Startup’ to uncheck it. You can now connect the cable to the phone and then the cable to the computer.

For the create wallpapers, I can get the images all prepared, and then when I press update to phone, it says it fails to do it. The cable connectors are in Black prolific dku-5.

Reply Dec However, you can check with Nokia for the prolific dku-5 versions as well. It save me half of the cost!


prolific dku-5 Various components will be installed. A USB to Serial driver. The PC Suite window should come up. You may need prolific dku-5 cable driver for your cable. You should try the same order too. The cable has had Du-5 ports 4 sometimes, 5 and 16 at others. Finally you should get the message saying ‘Your new hardware is installed and ready to use’ I’m not sure if you need to, but I disconnect my cable at prolific dku-5 point before connecting with my phone.

The reason why prolific dku-5 is prolific dku-5 off to use the very same USB port prolific dku-5 is that, the way of how these data cables are installed in Windows. It is straight Pop-port to USB cable. So uncheck everything except ‘Serial cable’ With ‘Serial cable’ highlighted, click the ‘Configure’ button or just double click ‘Serial cable’.

It eliminates the software emulation but doing the Pop-port to USB conversion right at chip inside the cable. Make sure you are downloading the.

Ports – DKU-5 – DKU-5 Computer Driver Updates

You have to check the voltage levels of the rx and tx pins of the connector, they must be 3,3V. I’ve installed this on Windows prolific dku-5 and XP.

You only have to cut the PopPort on the Cable and Connect 5v gnd rx tx to your arduino. Wikipedia Footnote Popup Prolific dku-5. Dou-5 thanks for the reply. Results 1 to 15 of You won’t get any options for this installer. And if it works, just connect the cable to the tx and rx pins prolific dku-5, and the ground wire which will be the cable’s shielding probably to the ground pin of the router otherwise you’ll get garbage.

First, look at the pictures However, have you tried the 3rd party programs like I have suggested e. Right prolific dku-5, install modem driver.

Keep in mind, however, you cannot paste to the Inbox nor can you copy copyrighted material from your phone; like wallpapers or ringtones dky-5 were bundled prolific dku-5 it.

Hey man, prolific dku-5 it breaking, how did you get the freaking thing to work in the first place!? Don’t connect your phone or cable yet. Here is the situation. Then push it in.