Download the Pandigital Novel update file from the Pandigital website at pandigital. Later releases may be available on slatedroid. You still don’t have a Home and Search button, but those can be implemented with other screen buttons, so those two buttons are just enough to get by with. I recently purchased a Pandigital Novel eReader and had fairly good success reflashing it to a functional low-cost Android Tablet, while retaining the full functionality of the original eReader applications. You might want to install Aptoide App Installer which will allow you to enter in other app sources to install from. Reading books generally worked OK, provided that I remained calm and patient. For some reason, it does not charge via the USB which is disappointing.

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It becomes married pandivital the device. My test unit was black; a white version is also available. Until they fix this, just rotate to landscape orientation and then back to portrait to cause the screen to re-draw the blank page, pandigital novel pc you can read it.

The SH20 versions do pandigital novel pc have this issue. It is suggested that these units not be modified until more is known about them.

If it says something pandgiital installing an Android ADB driver you can click cancel, you do not need that driver. Flash Novel to modified firmware see links at end by putting the zip file on the external SD card root directory and restarting the Novel while holding the Volume Up and Pandigittal switch for at least five seconds.

They are hard to brick, but if you mess with the kernel, you will brick pandigital novel pc. For some reason, it does not pandigital novel pc via the USB which is disappointing. Accessed 30 May That means you pandigital novel pc the volume buttons, but pandlgital are available in the settings app or in the apps that use sound so while not convenient, you still can change the volume.

Register your main google account first, because once you add the first account, you can never delete it.

Confirm the model and serial number on your Novel matches the information on the screen and click “OK. Maybe my expectations are a little more realistic. So this is a tradeoff – pandigital novel pc lot of additional funcationality with Market access vs. Sluggish, obtuse user interface. Note that there are some new WPDN models appearing in that use a pandigital novel pc charger, which is not compatible with the older units that use a 12v charger, even though it is the same connector. I strongly suggest everyone read this: The Pandigital Novel only has two buttons, originally used as the volume control.

Connect To Computer; Connect To Windows Pc – Pandigital Novel User Manual [Page ]

Pros Attractive home screen UI. Save this file to your PC, then double-click it. So you have to counter this with a Task Manager that hard kills all pandigital novel pc running apps when you pandigital novel pc the device in the sleep mode. But stick with portrait orientation, as landscape mode pandivital the entire UI disappear whenever the keyboard appears.

Pandigital Novel User Guide. Small Business – Chron. Read this thread on Slatedroid for more info. This modification installs the standard Android home desktopmost of the Google apps including Market, the volume hack, and the notification bar fix and rotation fix on top of the original Pandigital Novel home pandigital novel pc and apps.

How to Download Music Onto a Pandigital Novel

The process involves downloading a small updater file on your computer, which then downloads pandigital novel pc update and applies it to your tablet. A stylus will work on this type of touch screen, but is not required.

The touch screen is resistive pandigital novel pc not capacitive, so it does not respond quite as well as an iPad or a Droid, but it quite workable. Accessed 29 May Buggy, despite a recent firmware update. Tip Tap the “Music” application icon on the Pandigital Novel’s home screen to open the music player application and pandigital novel pc the downloaded music. Of course you could just copy them to your SD card.

I suggest trying 1 first, that avoids having to get a second gmail address.