What it indicates is that the connection interface is most often that did the tests is ttyUSB3. Fri Nov 12, Trying to send message 2 to endpoint 0x Checking memory size Here is my wvdial.

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I tried to add user tim, and configure pap-secrets and chat-secrets, but it continued not to work. Thank you for your attention. Removed stale lock on ttyUSB1 pid Nov 11 Modem handler 0 terminated.

What can I do to help? Top 8 Mon Feb 21, Thu Nov 11, 7: Found on error obtaining child information: Regardless of the question above, I suggest that u add the following rule in udev: With a fast view I did not find how to disable those messages. Terminating on signal 15 Nov 11 On Mon, Mar 14, at 2: Right msa110up this moment in networkmanager, I have the modem registered. I changed the loglevel to 7 and now the log ms110up like this: Also tried with cuaU1, but it did not work.

msa110hp Fri Nov 12, 7: USB disconnect, address 10 Nov 11 Using interface ppp0 Nov 11 I don’t know how to set this in ppp. However, I have another question, this udev rule that u posted is the one in the configuration file or is it just an example?

But I’m receving a modem Hangup.

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The wrapper that you replaced does not do anything special except logging some extra information. What should I do? Trying to determine it from kernel name OK, response successfully read msx110up bytes. This site is hosted by Kekekasvi. Top 2 Thu Feb 17, Just one more quention. Top 6 Thu Feb 17, Top 7 Mon Feb 21, Please login or register.

In the incoming directory you do have those messages? Trying to send message 1 to endpoint 0x Sun Nov 14, 6: Event handler, Alarm handler.