Examples of such messages include: If the file to open is not a valid SEL file, this message is displayed: Recording Your Setup Settings Before you make any changes, record the current values. The module number and sub-module number are separated by a 4-bit boundary to allow us to decode quickly. Policy Number This edit box associates a policy number with a policy table entry. Off – redundant feature is not available The power redundancy feature requires each of the following conditions be present.

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PCI slot 2 B. Use the arrow keys to select the boot option to delete.

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During the memory test, POST displays the amount maxdwta memory it is able to access and test. For example, you can boot to one of the following: The installation software reports whether a system partition has been found. Successfully exiting the operating system causes the following prompt to appear: You cannot click on the Help item itself, but when you click on Contents, a new browser window is launched.

Each processor is powered by a 12 V power pod located adjacent to the processor on the main board. For example, the policy type can be used to indicate whether an alert is to be sent to multiple destinations or to destinations involving the same channel.

In such a case, a screen is displayed containing information about the error that occurred and indicating whether or not you may attempt the operation again. These fans are installed in the fan bay that is located within the power bay. The presence of service partition files within the existing system partition kaxdata the EFI Service Partition.

Configure the user with the desired maximum privilege level.

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The BMC returns a string with the following format if the command is accepted. In this type of case, the SMU can detect that there is a problem when it is not able to correctly parse such a file, which means the application is not able to correctly display a screen. Chassis actions include power down, power cycle, reset, diagnostic interrupt, and none. Since this information is retained by the BMC and may be readable by other software entities, care should be taken to avoid using it to carry secret data.

These LEDs can be seen only when the top cover is removed from the chassis.

Insert recovery media and reset the system. Serviceability features include LED indicators for system, reset, hard drive and LAN status and system identification.

QutePC-1700 Series

After selecting a connection mode, clicking on the Next button displays the screen for the selected mode. Instead, proceed to the next policy table entry with the same policy number that has a maxdara destination type.

System ID switch E. Power Configuration After completing this screen, click Save to complete this sub-task.

If the maaxdata power supply fails, the system fans will not be affected. When the server has been successfully rebooted to the service partition software, the supported service partition utilities are displayed, as shown below.

These bits define what types of authentication are enabled to authenticate messages sent to the BMC by users of different privilege levels. Set the options on the modem connection mode to the desired states for your application.

MAXDATA QutePC?1000 Manuals

Flex cable to main board D. If it does not, choose Serial Port and use the arrow keys to change the selection. Keyboard inputs from both sources are considered valid and video is displayed to both outputs. This is the equivalent of pressing the Next button five times. For example, entering fs0: The FRU Viewer task supports the following: To configure or modify the settings for a page destination, select a radio button next to the entry and then click the Edit button to display the Edit Page Destination screen.

Keystrokes buffered this way are examined by redirection; if a valid command string has been sent, it is qutepc-10000.