A bit stiff on the keys, but delivers dynamic sound. Read full review Verified purchase: So each keyboard gives 2 possibilities to control the pedals. I have not found that to be a hindrance. About a year after that the pitch bend started doing the same thing. You can see the keyboard behind him through the hole video.

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It may just need cleaning, I suppose. In my workflow I only use the keys and mod wheel which still seems fineso I just have the pitch bend and volume messages filtered out.

People who bought this also bought. Show More Show Less. I tried a lot of affordable Midi controllers and most have a key action that’s uncomfortable, to say the least.

If your not someone who needs all the knobs and your more into controllers for just keys, this is what I recommend.

Sign up for Equipboard to reply or ask this user a question. They work well, and the software detects them very easily.

No-frills Midi controller with Midi output and decent key response This is my second one, the first was lost in a flood long story! This item doesn’t belong on this page. Each keyboard also has a modulation wheel and a p itch bend. Having now owned it for a couple of months now, I can say I made the correct choice. It captures the player’s style.

I love its mackie transport controls.

The keys have held up great. You may also like.

M-Audio Keystation 61es MIDI Controller Reviews & Prices | Equipboard®

If your in the market for a grear Midi Keyboard without breaking the bank, this is your best bet. M-Audio Electronic Keyboards with 25 Keys. There are no knobs or faders. This controller is simple and fits on a desk between your computer keyboard and monitor very well as it is a compact unit. I use the Keystation for most of my live keyboard needs, mostly because it runs so well with Logic Pro X.

It could be a little more flexible in terms of drums, arbitrary Midi events, an d the keys are, well, a little small and as I said a matter of getting used to.

This is my second one, the first was lost in a flood long story! M-Audio Keystation 61es Keyboard. What I practice on these, I can easily auduo on the real organs I play. It is great for just learning or recording. M-Audio Keystation seen in background more. May be is a bit of clickbait the title but i thing the relation between price and quality is the best you can find in the stores!

The item can be seen different mm during the video, i.

M-Audio Keystation 61es Keyboard

In my case, I am using these for the software GrandOrgue, a virtual pipe organ software. I had tried out a friend’s key station years ago and knew it worked with my 09 mac pro and pro tools le 8 so i looked for the same thing and found this.

I have also successfully been able to map the modulation wheels when I need to control a toggle function on the software, such as a piston or tab switch. You can see the keyboard behind him through the auddio video. Steven can be seen playing this keyboard in 5: I don’t trust USB connections, the latency issues can be discouraging; it’s fine for powering the device, though.

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