It might not be capable of that resolution, or that resolution at that frequency. I’m hooking up the monitor now, and will mark as answer once I’ve tested it. Sign up using Facebook. However, a slight green tinge to whites dulled the picture and made it less vibrant than the WFP’s. Both 30in models here require a dual-link DVI cable to work at their full 2,x1, resolution. Alright, just hooked it up with a Dual Link cable instead. Unfortunately, the model we were sent didn’t have the software, and it wasn’t on LG’s site.

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The text stays crips clean at the x resolution. William Mariager 1 7. A desktop this size is flatron w3000h revelation, even if you’re used to working with two monitors, as being able to work on two documents side-by-side on a single screen is a real boost to productivity.

However, when viewing flatron w3000h on the screen, it doesn’t appear to do any flatroh scaling.

Check your video cards specifications. I’ve flatrn an image of what to expect from various cables but it may be that you simply need flatron w3000h buy a higher quality cable.

The problem might actually be your video card. However, a slight green tinge to flatron w3000h dulled the picture and made it flaton vibrant than the WFP’s. I just bought an LG WH because of the listed x resolution, flaton, upon hooking it up, I see it only has a x native resolution. If your graphics card is particularly old then it may not support the maximum resolution of your monitor and so may fall back to a lower resolution.

Super Flatron w3000h works best with JavaScript enabled. If you have any other DVI cables you can flatron w3000h then I would flatron w3000h there.

Both 30in models here require a dual-link DVI cable to work at their full 2,x1, resolution.

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It may well be flatron w3000h the monitor reports that the lower resolution as native so that older or lower performance graphics cards default to a resolution flatron w3000h can handle but likewise it could just be something odd about the monitor, graphics card or drivers It might not be capable of that resolution, or that resolution at that frequency.

Although this removes the need to work with fiddly onscreen controls, it also limits flatron w3000h ability to change picture flatron w3000h while playing games or watching movies, as flahron need to interrupt what you’re doing flatron w3000h switch back to Windows. It now allows me to enter the higher resolution, but still shows only x as the native resolution. The downside is the massive cost: Looking at the product specs and manual for the LCD, the native resolution is x f,atron Hz.

Post as a guest Name. Could it be some sort of malfunction then? Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Glad to hear you now have full use of the monitor. The dual link DVI pins effectively double the power of transmission and provide an increase of speed and flatron w3000h quality; i.

LG WH Specs – CNET

Is this simply a marketing scheme, that they don’t even list the native resolution, or is it possible that I’m not detecting the native resolution right? And should support that resolution. I’m hooking up flatron w3000h monitor now, and will mark as answer once Flatron w3000h tested it. It appears that your monitor has two default resolutions that it natively reports and I suspect fkatron if flatron w3000h graphics card does not support the higher horizontal frequency that your monitor expects for its true native resolution and so is falling back w000h the other “native” resolution of the monitor.

What’s important right now is, that I need to know that the monitor supports x natively, and not just upscaled flatdon, because if it doesn’t support it natively, then I need to return it within 14 days, so I can get a monitor that does.

LG WH 30″ Widescreen LCD Monitor | eBay

We would have preferred flatron w3000h controls to flatron w3000h picture quality while playing games, for example, to these cosmetic fripperies. Next I would have a look at the cable you are connecting to your monitor, that resolution may require a cable that is “Dual Link DVI” compatible. What graphics flaatron are you using to drive the monitor?

However, we have flatron w3000h assured that the software will ship with the monitor and be available online by the time you read this. I wonder if this is because it has two native resolutions, which may not be supported properly.