You can’t post topic replies. Hello, I found only a link: If you fill out the information below with the name of the application and the name of the company that provides it to you, we will be happy to check our records and attempt to get them to contact you. This a new database that I am working with and I am not real familiar with it. In order to process this as quickly as possible we require some detailed information below to assist us in communicating with your vendor.

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c-tree ODBC Driver Setup

You can’t post HTML code. You can’t delete other posts. The full version and edition of your SQL Server could be also useful. ctree odbc

ctree odbc You can’t edit HTML code. In order to process this as quickly as possible we require some detailed information below to assist us in communicating with your vendor.

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I found only a link: Please be more specific for I can’t decipher what you are asking You can download attachments. You can’t crree topic replies. ctree odbc

Saturday, September 08, 9: Post reply Like Add to Briefcase. And you should explain what is the version of your c-tree databasethe language and the provider you want to use. ctree odbc

Ctree odbc Forum Members Points: You can also Ctree odbc and get plenty of hits provided you use the right keywords. Complete documentation for this driver can be found at this link: You can’t delete other events. Selecting the ‘System Catalogs’ produces the error above.

It ctree odbc only a few commands If any of u have link for that then it’s also help me a lot. Thanks for the info.

How to Link to Ctree database?

Sure that you don’t mean Btrieve? You can’t post ctree odbc upload images. I am trying to add a Ctree database to SQL You can’t edit your own topics. How to Link to Ctree odbc ctre

Usually, external applications cannot interact with the data unless they know the schema of ctree odbc database i. Please let me know what, if any documentation ctree odbc you have and if you can’t find the solution ;et me know.

You can’t post replies to polls. For better, quicker answers on T-SQL questions, click on the following We thank you for providing us this extra detail.

Ctree odbc All, I have c-tree database from Faircom. When you fill out this form, FairCom will work to get you connected to your vendor.

ODBC Access

The majority of these vendors have developed specialized interfaces to our database to manage their ctree odbc data formats, schemas, and security. If you have any of the Microsoft Admin Books, they describe the process.

The web ctree odbc results I’ve found talk about linking ctree to SQL Server, but I haven’t found an example of actually doing it.