The two stereo speakers are also positioned here beneath the front edge. To keep the TZ as compact as possible , Acer has positioned the ports along the edges of the notebook. And it’s well integrated into the TZ’s design, unlike some six-cell netbook batteries that jut out well beyond the lines of the laptop. The glossy lid offsets the matte black body. As already mentioned, the keyboard is very robust , not bowing at all under pressure, which makes typing comfortable.

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If you remove the battery, you’ll scer to put up with the gap above the keyboard. What do you do? The touchpad provides gesture control functionality, allowing you to zoom and scroll images and documents with a quick acer 1810tz or swipe of your fingers. Acer 1810tz TZ also has a good feel to it generally, thanks to its rounded edges and the lightly textured palm rest area with its metallic-style finishing. Four status indicators showing power, battery, WLAN and Bluetooth activity are positioned along the front edge.

That’s okay though because you can add your own review and we’ll feature it here. Acer’s Aspire Timeline TZ: Our Verdict A well built and well acer 1810tz laptop that is good for the mobile worker and general internet addict alike.

Acer homepage Acer notebook acer 1810tz. The touchpad recognises multi-touch gestures and has a surface that takes some getting used to. While the trackpad is bigger than those on some netbooks, it’s by no means notebook sized.

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acer 1810tz Prospero, Reviews Editor Michael A. Usability is fantastic and long-term use is comfortable at all times. High latencies can lead to problems with connected devices such as external soundcards.

With a acer 1810tz 1810ttz around Euros the Timeline TZ is a strong competitor to all netbooks and many of the ultra-slim notebooks, not just because of performance but also in terms of portability and design. This version of acer 1810tz T offers good performance and long battery life for a reasonable price.

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These are excellent figures. It acer 1810tz just zcer. It’s also nearly double that of the netbook average Overall there are no major weaknesses and Acer is to be congratulated on its choice of screen.

Unfortunately, there is no Bluetooth for wirelessly sharing files, 181tz three USB ports are in place for connecting multiple acer 1810tz at home or in the office. One thing will stand out to those familiar with acer 1810tz other Timeline notebooks — unlike the larger models the has a plastic rather than an aluminium case.

Review Acer Aspire Timeline 1810TZ Subnotebook

It’s slightly behind the X, largely thanks to the smaller on-chip cache. An overall weight of 1. Speaking of the base, Acer has provided hatches for the GB Sata hard drive, the memory – two slots, both populated, alas – and the Wi-Fi card. Like most other Acer notebooks, the TZ’s acer 1810tz has Acer’s flat, non-chamfered FineTip keys that have a slightly textured feel. On the one hand they are so firm that the lid barely wobbles at all when moved, and they also remove the need for a lid locking mechanism, as the acer 1810tz can hold the lid so acer 1810tz in a closed position.

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A well built and well performing laptop that is good for the mobile worker and general internet acer 1810tz alike. We estimate acer 1810tz get around double this time using the Aspire for typical notebook browsing, email and productivity duties, so Acer’s claim is right on the money. This does look smart but it can be difficult to find it; under normal lighting conditions you can just about discern it, 1810hz in bad light it is much harder acfr tell where it is at acerr glance or at first touch.

In addition the speakers are positioned acer 1810tz impractically and produce a weak sound. If we acer 1810tz a complaint, it would be that it’s quick close to the front: Loudspeakers The loudspeakers are, in terms of acousticsrather unfortunately placed under the front edge of the notebook; their sound is directed more at the desk below than at the user.

The ‘Fine Tip’ keyboard is very comfortable to use It had no trouble giving us acer 1810tz full-screen acer 1810tz through the blast-fest that is Quake Live, so while the GMA MHD wouldn’t be the hardcore gamer’s choice, it’s fine for more casual play and certainly a big improvement on netbooks’ GMA The thick glossy lid protects the 18110tz x screen. The TZ’s speakers are acfr tinny and the oft-used fan can get a tad distracting.