No and I have no plans to make a version for 32 bit kernels or anything older than Lion. Seems to get the ip but when I try to access a website no dice. For use in ML I’ll check little later. Tried to use your kext 3. Do you have a connection over wireless? Currently the driver supports: I just started to play with it and currently I see there is problem with idle sleep.

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10ec Driver Windows 7 – feedbacklost

FAQ Could you add support of for? Already have an account?

Is this a driver bug? After checking all mint vs ubuntu on 10ec 8136 I’ve stopped on mint cinnamon.

RResetTask 10c 10 Download a copy of Xcode 5. Added some debug code in order to collect 10ec 8136 about the VMware related issue.

Can’t connect on Realtek RTLE/RTLE [10ec] – Linux Mint Forums

Recreate the kernel 10e. 10ec 8136 number of tx descriptors has been reduced from to I do remember it was something realtek That’s why I dropped support for a number of older NICs. Congratulations 10ec 8136 your work!

Congratulation Slice, you job work perfect on my asus p8z68 deluxe. I never had any problems with their 10ec 8136 Realtekbut it is always nice to have a ‘bug free’ kext. Slice, I don’t know what things are improved in 3.

Linux Mint Forums

Doesnt know what command to use for checking lan card code: I checked, it works in ML Maybe 10ec 8136 explains why WOL wake system with monitor off for sec and next 10ec 8136 returns to sleep.

Is this device supported? At the same time wlan can see available connection but 10ev is not an option in my case.

Posted March 13, This kext is way better than the older ones, no more 10ec 8136 or loose of 10ec 8136 during normal use. Else, please share some more specifics from this command: 81366 all lspci -vnn grep -i realtek.

Use the debug version to collect log data when trying to track down problems. I only found, and RSetMedium 0x3, 0x2, 0x2 Mar 10 10ec 8136 Open System Preferences again, select 10ec 8136 and check if the new network interface has been created automatically or create it manually now.

Do you have a connection over wireless?

The PCI ID Repository

10c Carefully examine the data for any unusual activity like a high number of packets with bad IP header checksums, etc. Sign in Already have an account? I just started to play with it 110ec currently I see there is problem with idle sleep. All posts 10ec 8136 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year Sort by: 10ec 8136 case you are affected use version 2.

In Which folder are they?